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I'm Stephi but you can call me Eponine (literally. do it). I'm a singer, actress, full time Broadway baby and Les Mis enthusiast. Currently living my 3+ year dream of performing in Les Miserables. Formerly acciobarricadeboys.


one day more || the company [featuring erin clemons as eponine, jason forbach as enjolras, and adam monley as javert]. || les miserables [7.23.2014m].

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aktveit-the-stormer-revolution said: A woman after my own heart!!! Half my movie collection is EBay/Amazon purchased.

RIGHT?! It’s just so much easier and cheaper, and there’s something so satisfying about getting packages in the mail all the time.


A comic of this post by princecosette (or maybe aroprouvaire now?). Also reblogged there. 

Can they get ANY more cute??


last night’s defying gravity riff, just listen to it omg.

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"I lost him
and it’s hurting more then I could’ve imagined"

I’d also like to point out that today while my director was talking about how great we’re all doing, I realized, wow I’m apart of something so big, so much bigger than us and our little community production, and I’m just so so happy and feel so blessed to be apart of it. I literally started tearing up so bad that I had to practically run out of the theater.