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I'm Stephi but you can call me Eponine and the current Les Mis revival cast are my babies and I love them more than anything.

no but actually, I have friends who literally call me Eponine and it makes me happier than anything. So do it.

If he’s not the cutest child you’ve ever seen, you’re wrong.

i accidentally paused chris’ vine on the cutest picture of andy to ever happen i can’t handle this

Love these beautiful dorks so much.

Okay I’m done doing the playlist thing, just because it’s hard to do on my ipod and I’m currently computer-less. But yes thanks for everyone who sent them in! It was really fun to discover just how many showtunes I really have lol

vampirescience said: Madison :)

Maddy bbyyy I miss you!

(M)aybe This Time - Cabaret
(A)merica - West Side Story
(D)idn’t I See This Movie? - Next to Normal
(I) Believe in You - How to Succeed
(S)anta Fe - Newsies or Rent, either one lol
(O)ldest Established - Guys and Dolls
(N)o One Mourns the Wicked - Wicked