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I'm Stephi but you can call me Eponine and the current Les Mis revival cast are my babies and I love them more than anything.

no but actually, I have friends who literally call me Eponine and it makes me happier than anything. So do it.


Love these beautiful dorks so much.

Okay I’m done doing the playlist thing, just because it’s hard to do on my ipod and I’m currently computer-less. But yes thanks for everyone who sent them in! It was really fun to discover just how many showtunes I really have lol

vampirescience said: Madison :)

Maddy bbyyy I miss you!

(M)aybe This Time - Cabaret
(A)merica - West Side Story
(D)idn’t I See This Movie? - Next to Normal
(I) Believe in You - How to Succeed
(S)anta Fe - Newsies or Rent, either one lol
(O)ldest Established - Guys and Dolls
(N)o One Mourns the Wicked - Wicked

laurencatherineb said: Lauren!

(L)et’s Not Talk About Anything Else But Love - The Addams Family
(A)t the End of the Day - Les Misérables
(U)n Hombre Asi - West Side Story
(R)un and Tell That - Hairspray
(E)verything Else - Next to Normal
(N)o Good Deed - Wicked

riddlingtom said: hi i'm Dana! Can i please have a playlist? :)

(D)o You Hear the People Sing - Les Misérables
(A)delaide’s Lament - Guys and Dolls
(N)obody Needs to Know - The Last 5 Years
(A)s Long as You’re Mine - Wicked